The Intersection of Tradition & Modernity
1/10 Shinto: The Indigenous Traditon?
Japanese Culture: The Religious and Philosophical Foundations (JC): 13-53
Destination Exploration (DE): Hoffert ~ Koyasan Food for Thought (F4T): Matsubara ~ Sushi
1/17 Shinbutsu-Shugo: The Synthesis of Buddhism and Shinto
JC: 61-72 Shinto and Buddhism Mt. HieiIitokodori
1/24 Zen and the Development of Japanese Aesthetics
JC: 79-97 Wabi Sabi: 7-36 Japanese Mascots John Oliver’s Mascots
1/31The Japanese Tea Ceremony
Wabi Sabi: 40-72 Bushido: The Soul of the Samurai (Sections 1-4)
DE: Tori Seggebruch (Kyoto: Gion) & F4T: Katherine Burgos (Wagashi)
Confucianism in the Tokugawa Shogunate
JC: 101-107 Bushido: The Soul of the Samurai (Sections 5-17)
DE: Hayden Northrup (Osaka: Tsutenkaku/Doutonbori) & F4T: Sarah Peters (Ramen)
Japan’s Encounter with the Modern World: Shinto and the State
Modern Japan: 1-41 • JC: 113-123
DE: Katherine Burgos (Tokyo: Yasukuni Shrine) & F4T: Derek Linko (Curry Rice)
Revolution: Embracing Modernity
Modern Japan: 42-61 Aspects of Hybrid ConsciousnessToyota Production System
DE: Paytyn Bavaro (Kyoto: Fushimi Inari Shrine) & F4T: Dylan Connelly (Soba)
2/28Overcoming and Ovecome by Modernity: Japan at War
Modern Japan: 62-88
DE: Sarah Peters (Kyoto: Kinkakuji) & F4T: Emilie Gibney (Tonkatsu)
3/7 Economic Miracles and the Making of a Postmodern Society
Modern Japan: 89-123 Shinkansen
DE: Derek Linko (Kii Katsuura/Nachi Taisha) & F4T: Tori Seggebruch (Japanese Crepe)
3/21Tradition and Modernity: The Ongoing Creation of Japanese Identity
Modern Japan: 124-149  ChinmokuGambariSenpai-Kohai
F4T: Hayden Northrup (Gyoza)
3/28 The Development of Japanese Pop Culture Final Paper: Due on 4/25
Japanese Popular Culture and Globalization: 1-34 • Robots (watch up to 19m28s)
DE: Dylan Connelly (Tokyo: Akihabara) & F4T: Paytyn Bavaro (Sukiyaki)
4/4 The Globalization of Japanese Pop Culture
Japanese Popular Culture and Globalization: 35-71 • Harajuku Maid Cafe
DE: Emilie Gibney (Tokyo: Sensoji)
Tales from the Dark Side Presentations for 4/18 & 4/25
Dogs and Demons: 358-385Rent-A-FamilyPersonal Robots
DE & F4T
4/18Guest Lecture: Yoshino Isao on the Toyota Production System
• Japan Trip Questions?
Final Paper Presentations
• Brief presentations of each student’s final paper
• Japan Trip Questions? • Final Paper Due