Introduction to East Asia
1/6 Course Introduction: Yijing Divination
1/8 The Origins of Civilization in East Asia
A History of East Asia (HEA): 1-30
1/10 The Age of the Classics: Zhou Dynasty China (1045-256 BCE)
HEA: 31-45 The First Emperor of China (FEC): xvii-xxxi
1/13 Establishing Imperial China: The Qin and Han Dynasties (221 BCE-220 CE)
HEA: 45-58 • FEC: 1-30
1/15 MOVIE: The Emperor and the Assassin, Part I
FEC: 31-77
1/17 MOVIE: The Emperor and the Assassin, Part II
FEC: 78-140
1/22 Qin Shihuangdi: The First Emperor of China
FEC: 141-178
1/24China in Division and the Arrival of Buddhism (3rd to 6th Centuries)
HEA: 60-81 Essay 1: The First Emperor of China
1/27Cosmopolitanism and Community in Korea and Japan (to the 10th Century)
HEA: 81-92, 114-120GyeongjuKofun
1/29The Creation of an East Asian Community: Sui/Tang China (581-907)
HEA: 95-114
1/31Establishing Imperial Japan: From Nara to Heian (710-1185)
HEA:  120-129Tale of Genji (Chapter 3: Yugao)The History of Japan (mostly accurate and very funny)
2/3Late Imperial China: The Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties (960-1644)
HEA: 132-149 Song Dynasty Civilization • The Voyages of Zheng He
2/5Independent Trajectories: Korea and Japan (10th to 16th Centuries)
HEA:  149-164 • Tale of the Heike
2/7The Chrysanthemum and the Sword: The Zen Influence on Japanese Culture
Japanese Aesthetics Japanese Tea Ceremony
2/10MOVIE: Princess Mononoke, Part I
Essays in Idleness & Hojoki (EI&H): vii-xiv, 5-18
2/12MOVIE: Princess Mononoke, Part II
EI&H: 21-140 * (click for essential Hojoki passages)
2/14The Literature of Reclusion: Essays in Idleness & Hojoki
Complete rough draft of “The Literature of Reclusion” paper
2/17Early Modern China: Late Ming and Early Qing (16th to 18th Centuries)
HEA: 167-183  Essay 2: The Literature of Reclusion
2/19Early Modern Korea and Japan (16th to 18th Centuries)
HEA: 183-197 The Floating World Haiku
2/21 The Nineteenth-Century Encounter of Civilizations: China
HEA:  217-235
2/24The Nineteenth-Century Encounter of Civilizations: Korea and Japan
HEA: 235-257 • LN: ix-xxiii
2/26The Age of Westernization (1900-1929)
HEA: 259-283 • LN: 3-21
2/28The Dark Valley: The Rise of Mao, Nationalist China, and Japanese Aggression (1930-1936)
HEA: 288-299 • LN: 22-57
LN: 58-159
3/9The Dark Valley Deepens: World War II (1937-1945)
HEA: 299-309 • LN: 160-195
3/11MOVIE: The Age of Shadows, Part I (Meiley-Swallow/Thrust Theater)
Work on rough draft of “Lost Names” paper
3/13MOVIE: The Age of Shadows, Part II (Meiley-Swallow/Thrust Theater)
Complete rough draft of “Lost Names” paper
3/16Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Test Session
Log in to Blackboard and follow the directions in this link
3/18The Korean Experience of Japanese Imperialism (1910-1945)
Essay 3: Lost Names
3/20RTTP Setup 1 (Leader: Game Master Hoffert)
Game Book (GB): 1-48 • Work on Reading Quiz
3/23RTTP Setup 2 (Leader: Game Master Hoffert)
Game Book (GB): 48-84 • Work on Reading Quiz • Roles distributed at the end of the class
3/25 RTTP Setup 3 (Leader: Game Master Hoffert)
Game Book (GB): 85-116 • Read Role Description and Faction Advisory • Turn in Reading Quiz
3/27 RTTP Session 1: Faction Meetings and Tea Ceremony, July 1940 (Leader: Prime Minister)
Game Book (GB): 128-131, 142-143, 149-153 and 155-156 • Individual essays/speeches for Session 1
3/30 RTTP Session 2: Imperial Conference, Summer/Autumn 1940 (Leader: Prime Minister)
Individual essays/speeches for Session 2
4/1 RTTP Session 3: Imperial Conference, Spring 1941 (Leader: Prime Minister)
Game Book (GB): 146-148 and 164-168 • Individual essays/speeches for Session 3
4/3 RTTP Session 4: Imperial Conference, Summer 1941 (Leader: Prime Minister)
Individual essays/speeches for Session 4
4/6 RTTP Session 5: Imperial Conference, Fall 1941 (Leader: Prime Minister)
Individual essays/speeches for Session 5
4/8 RTTP Session 6: Imperial Conference, November 1941 (Leader: Prime Minister)
Individual essays/speeches for Session 6
4/10RTTP: DEBRIEFING SESSION (Leader: Game Master Hoffert)
“What Happened in History?” (Blackboard/Readings)
4/13Postwar Japan
HEA: 311-329 Contemporary Japan
4/15Postwar Korea
HEA: 330-349 Korean Unification
4/17Postwar China: The Mao Years
HEA: 359-369 The Cultural Revolution Chairmain Mao’s Miraculous Mangoes!
4/20 Postwar China: From Mao to Now
HEA: 369-396
4/22Reflections on Contemporary East Asia
HEA: 399-400
4/24 “Reflection on Contemporary East Asia” Paper
* Essential Passages: Preface, 1-20, 24-32, 38-39, 49,-58-59, 69, 74-75, 82, 91-93, 97-99, 122-124, 130, 134, 137, 142, 151, 155, 157, 175, 184, 189-191, 206-208, 211, 215, 217, 231, 233, 235-236, 240-243