Introduction to East Asia
Take-Home Midterm Exam
Due Before Class on Monday, April 22


Part I: Identify the Significance (5x10=50 points)
Identify and state the significance of 5 of the following 7 key terms:

  1. Daoism
  2. Legalism
  3. The Tale of Genji
  4. The Mandate of Heaven
  5. Pre-Historic Korea and Japan
  6. The Imperial Examination System
  7. Iitoko-dori (“taking the good points”)


Part II: Essay Question (50 points)
The Creation of an East Asian Community

The early histories of both Korea and Japan would be incomprehensible except as parts of a larger East Asian community. During the centuries of division in China following the collapse of the Han Dynasty, and continuing on through the reunified Sui and Tang dynasties, a degree of shared international aristocratic culture had developed throughout East Asia. This was a time when elites in China, Korea, and Japan…in some ways had more in common with each other than they did with their own peasants living in nearby villages. (A History of East Asia, 114)

Identify at least two elements of this “shared international aristocratic culture” and explain how each contributed to the creation of an East Asian community.