East Asian Thought
The Foundation of East Asian Sociopolitical Thought
ICP: 1-25 
  Recommended ~ SCT: 3-23, 35-37
1/12Yijing: The Cosmological Foundation of Chinese Philosophy
ICP: 26-45
Recommended ~ Yijing
1/14Confucius: Transforming the World through RitualHumaneness
ICP: 47-63
SCT: 41-44
1/19MOVIE: Kongzi (Confucius), Part I (Location: Meiley-Swallow/Thrust Theater)
Confucius • SCT: Analects Passages “Learning” to “Humaneness” (see index on p. 44)
1/21MOVIE: Kongzi (Confucius), Part II (Location: Meiley-Swallow/Thrust Theater)
SCT: Analects Passages “Wealth...” to “Words/Rectification of Names” (see index on p. 44)
Confucius: The Secular as Sacred
Contemporary Rituals and the Confucian Tradition
1/26 Mencius: The Goodness” of Human Nature
ICP: 65-84
SCT: 112-129, 147-158 Recommended ~ Mencius
1/28Xunzi: Human Nature is “Bad”
ICP: 86-106
SCT: 159-183 Recommended ~ Xunzi
1/31Mozi: Universal Love
ICP: 108-129
SCT: 64-76 Recommended ~ Mohism
Laozi & the Daodejing: A Daoist Response to Confucian MoralityChinese New Year
ICP: 131-146
Neiye Recommended ~ Laozi
2/4 Zhuangzi: Free and Easy Wandering & the Equalization of Things
ICP: 152-173
SCT: 95-103 Recommended ~ Zhuangzi
2/7From the Secret of Caring for Life to Equanimity in the Face of Death
ICP: 173-180
SCT: 103-111 Recommended ~ Bimodal Mystical Experience
2/9 The Politicization of the Dao: The Way of Wuwei
ICP: 146-151
SCT: 77-94 Recommended ~ Two Interpretations of De in the Daodejing
2/11Legalism and the Unification of China
ICP: 182-204
SCT: 190-212
2/14Huang-Lao: The Synthesis of Daoism, Confucianism and Legalism
SCT: 235-236, 241-247, 256-273, 278-282
RTTP Role Requests?
RTTP: Historical Background/How to React
The Book of Lord Shang: 7-24
Game Book: 1-6

2/18RTTP: More Historical Background/Roles and Factions
Game Book: 7-20
• Role Sheet (sent by email) Recommended ~ The Book of Lord Shang, 44-85
RTTP Session 1: The Debate on Human Nature
Human Nature and Learning in Ancient China
RTTP Session 2: The Debate on Self-Cultivation
Self-Cultivation in the Early Edited Literature
RTTP Session 3: The Debate on Unifying the Warring States
Searching for Peace in the Warring States
Horizontal and Vertical Alliances: pp. 17-21
RTTP Session 4: The Debate on Governing the Empire
Records of the Grand Historian, 44
The Qin Revolution and the Fall of the Qin The Zhou Political System
RTTP Session 5: The Inner Council’s Deliberations on the Ruling Philosophy of Qin
King Zheng
’s Draft of his Ruling Philosophy (Blackboard/RTTP/Shared Documents)
3/4RTTP Game Debriefing: What Really Happened!
RTTP Poll RTTP Historical Analysis The Indian Foundation of Buddhism: From Theravada to Mahayana
ICP: 209-219
SCT: 415-432 Recommended ~ ICP: 220-246
3/9From Qin to Tang: Tiantai & the Unification of Disunity
ICP: 277-302 SCT: 444-458
3/11Huayan: The Pinnacle of Buddhist Philosophy?
ICP: 248-275 SCT: 471-476
3/21Chan: The Meditation” School Unification of China Analysis
ICP: 304-330
SCT: 491-504 Recommended ~ SCT: 504-517
3/23Zhu Xi and the Development of Neo-Confucianism
Neo-Confucian Philosophy (Intro-5a)
SCT: 737-754 Recommended ~ SCT: 667-737
3/25 Wang Yangming: Challenging the Zhu Xi Orthodoxy
Wang Yangming Instructions: 3-17 SCT: 851-855 Recommended ~ SCT: 841-851
3/28 Japan’s Indigenization of Chinese Civilization
The Heritage of Japanese Civilization: 4-29 Shinto and Buddhism
3/30 The Nineteenth-Century Encounter of Civilizations: China
RTTP Readings: 2-19
4/1 The Nineteenth-Century Encounter of Civilizations: Korea
RTTP Readings: 20-42 RTTP Role Requests?
4/4 The Nineteenth-Century Encounter of Civilizations: Japan
RTTP Readings: 43-59
4/6 RTTP Introduction: Historical Background/Roles & Factions
Gamebook: 1-28
4/8 Faction Meetings
RTTP Readings: 60-69
Gamebook: 29-37
4/11 Political Reform Debate
RTTP Readings: 70-77
Gamebook: 38-45, 61-66
4/13 Social Reform Debate
RTTP Readings: 78-90
Gamebook: 50-60, 83-97
4/18 Economic Reform Debate
RTTP Readings: 91-100
Gamebook: 73-82, 98-109
4/20 Education Reform Debate
RTTP Readings: 101-110
Gamebook: 46-49, 68-72
4/22 Final Proposals/Promulgation of Reform Plan
Voting on the four proposals followed by a discussion of the game
4/25 Modern China: From the Critique of Confucianism to the Confucian Revival
RTTP Readings: 111-129
Lin Biao/Confucius Confucius & Communism
4/27 Modern Korea: A Confucian Society?
RTTP Readings: 130-137
Jongmyo Family Role of Women Ask a Korean!
4/29 Postmodern Japan: A Buddhist/Shinto/Confucian/Christian Society?
RTTP Readings: 137-142
Contemporary Confucianism?Are the Japanese Religious?
Korea at the Crossroads Analysis
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