Introduction to East Asia
3/27The Origins of Civilization in East Asia
A History of East Asia (HEA): 1-30
3/29The Age of the Classics: Zhou Dynasty China (1045-256 BCE)
HEA: 31-45 Confucianism Daoism
3/31Establishing Imperial China: The Qin and Han Dynasties (221 BCE-220 CE)
HEA: 45-58 Han Fei’s Memorial to the King of Qin
4/3China in Division and the Arrival of Buddhism (3rd to 6th Centuries)
HEA: 60-81
4/5The Creation of an East Asian Community: Sui/Tang China (581-907)
HEA: 95-114
4/7MOVIE: The Monkey King2, Part I (Film Screening in LAC/Heininger)
First Half of The Silk Road Journey with Xuanzang
4/10MOVIE: The Monkey King 2, Part II (Film Screening in LAC/Heininger)
Second Half of The Silk Road Journey with Xuanzang
4/12Xuanzang and the Monkey King
4/17Cosmopolitanism and Community in Korea and Japan (to the 10th Century)
HEA: 81-92, 114-120GyeongjuKofun
4/19Establishing Imperial Japan: From Nara to Heian (710-1185)
HEA:  120-129Tale of Genji (Yugao) • The History of Japan (mostly accurate and very funny)
4/24Late Imperial China: The Song, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties (960-1644)
HEA: 132-149 Song Dynasty Civilization • The Voyages of Zheng He
4/26Independent Trajectories: Korea and Japan (10th to 16th Centuries)
HEA:  149-164Oksanseowon • mono no aware • Tale of the Heike • An Account of My Hut
4/28Early Modern China: Late Ming and Early Qing (16th to 18th Centuries)
HEA: 167-183 Macartney and the Emperor • Two Edicts
5/1Early Modern Korea and Japan (16th to 18th Centuries)
HEA: 183-197 • wabi • sabi Japanese Tea Ceremony
5/3MOVIE: Princess Mononoke, Part I (Film Screening in New Hall/Multipurpose Room)
First Half of Basho's Journey
5/5MOVIE: Princess Mononoke, Part II (Film Screening in New Hall/Multipurpose Room)
Second Half of Basho's Journey
5/8Princess Mononoke & Basho’s Journey
5/10The Nineteenth-Century Encounter of Civilizations: China
HEA:  217-235 The Opium War • Letter to Queen Victoria • Treaty of Nanjing
5/12The Nineteenth-Century Encounter of Civilizations: Korea and Japan
HEA: 235-257 The Meiji Restoration • The Assassination of Queen Min ESSAY 2
5/15The Age of Westernization (1900-1929)
HEA: 259-283
5/17The Dark Valley: Japanese Aggression, Nationalist China, and the Rise of Mao (1930-1936)
HEA: 288-299 Manchuria • Nationalists & Communists
5/19The Dark Valley Deepens: World War II (1937-1945)
HEA: 299-309 Comfort Women • Rape of Nanking • Sword Contest • Dropping the Bomb • Pro • Con
5/22The Postwar Era: Japan Since 1945
HEA: 311-329 Postwar Japan
5/24A Divided Country: Korea Since 1945
HEA: 330-349 UN on North Korea • North Korean Defectors
5/26Lost Names
5/31China Since 1945
HEA: 359-396
6/2Reflections on Contemporary East Asia
HEA: 399-400 A Tale of Two Politcal Systems • Korean Unification • Contemporary Japan
Monday, June 5 • 3:30-5:30 PM