East Asian Thought
The Religious Foundation of Chinese Civilization
ICP: 1-12; SCT: 3-23
1/6Yijing: The Cosmological Foundation of Chinese Philosophy
ICP: 15-45
1/9Confucius: Transforming the World through RitualHumaneness
ICP: 47-63; SCT: 41-63
MOVIE: Kongzi (Confucius), Part I (Location: Meiley-Swallow/Thrust Theater)
Confucius; SAS: 1-36
1/13MOVIE: Kongzi (Confucius), Part II (Location: Meiley-Swallow/Thrust Theater)
SAS: 37-79
1/16Confucius: The Secular as Sacred
“Contemporary Rituals and the Confucian Tradition”
Mencius: The Goodness” of Human Nature
ICP: 65-84; SCT: 112-129, 147-158
1/20Xunzi: Human Nature is “Bad”
ICP: 86-106; SCT: 159-183
1/23DEBATE: Mencius vs. Xunzi @ the Court of Zhao Zheng, King of Qin
●  Debate Paper
Laozi & the Daodejing: A Daoist Response to Confucian Morality
ICP: 131-146; Neiye;
1/27 Zhuangzi: Free and Easy Wandering & the Equalization of Things
ICP: 152-173; SCT: 95-103
1/30From the Secret of Caring for Life to Equanimity in the Face of Death
ICP: 173-180; “Bimodal Mystical Experience”; SCT: 103-111
2/1 The Politicization of the Dao: The Way of Wuwei
ICP: 146-151; “Two Interpretations of De in the Daodejing; SCT: 77-94
2/3Legalism: The Philosophical Foundations of Imperial” China
ICP: 182-204; SCT: 190-212
2/6Huang-Lao: The Synthesis of Daoism, Confucianism and Legalism
SCT: 235-236, 241-247, 256-273, 278-282
The Historical Buddha & the Indian Roots of Buddhism
ICP: 209-219; SCT: 415-432  
●  Midterm Paper
2/10Early Chinese Buddhism: The “Three Treatise” & “Consciousness Only” Schools
SCT: 433-444; Verses from the Center: 59-67 (Chapters 24-25); ICP: 220-246
2/13Tiantai and Huayan: The Chinese Transformation of Buddhism
SCT:  444-458; ICP: 248-275 (recommended: ICP: 277-302; SCT: 471-480)
Chan: The Meditation” School
ICP: 304-330; SCT: 491-504
The Evolution of the Koan” in the Chan Tradition
SCT: 504-517; Gateless Gate: 2-5; Regarding Mu; Yamada Mumon Roshi; Ten Minutes
From Chan to Zen: Dogen & the Soto School in Japan
“Koans in the Dogen Tradition”Zen Meditation
Shinto: The Indigenous Tradition of Japan
●  Topic Paper/Annotated Bibliography
2/24Honji Suijaku: The Synthesis of Buddhism and Shinto in Japan
Honji SuijakuShinto in History: 1-8; Shinto Mythology; Shinto Purification Rituals
The Neo-Confucian” Response to Buddhism & Daoism
Neo-Confucian Philosophy (Intro, Sections 2-3); SCT: 329-339, 667-678, 682-689
3/1Zhu Xi & the Synthesis of the Neo-Confucian Tradition
Zhu Xi Biography; SCT: 689-714
3/3Zhu Xi’s Transmission of the Way
3/6Wang Yangming: The Unity of Knowledge” & Action”
Wang Yangming Biography; SCT: 841-844; Instructions for Practical Living: 3-17
3/8Wang Yangming’s “Principle of Heaven & the “Original Substance of the Mind”
SCT: 844-865;
Instructions for Practical Living: 241-245
3/10Nishida Kitaro & the Kyoto School of Philosophy
An Inquiry into the Good: 3-29, 158-166  
 Final Paper (Optional Deadline)
3/13Monday, March 13 @ Noon
  Final Deadline for Final Paper