The Classic of the Way and its Virtue/Power
Enso (empty circle)

Cosmic Taiji (yin-yang symbol)
"Sitting, Watching Clouds Rise" (painting by Ma Lin)
坐看雲起 (Sitting, Watching Clouds Rise): Ma Lin 馬麟 (ca. 1180-1256)
"Travelers" (painting by Wang Hui)
行旅圖 (Travelers): Wang Hui 王翬 (1632-1717)
Revolving yin-yang symbol composed of black and white fish
Daodejing: Chinese Text (click for link)
Parallels: Original Tao and Daodejing

144-5: Dao as that which generates and completes things

145: inner power as the concrete manifestation of the Way that is attained through self-cultivation

145-6: ineffability of Dao/De expressed through contradictions (clear/vague) or what can’t be seen/heard

147: emphasis on attaining tranquility (jing ) through apophatic meditation

  • Knowledge: DDJ 48
  • Desires: DDJ 1
  • Blocking Perception: DDJ 52 and 56
  • Bimodal Mystical Experience: DDJ 10
  1. Amid the daily activity of the psyche, can you embrace the One and not depart from it?
  2. When concentrating your vital breath until it is at its softest, can you be like a child?
  3. Can you sweep clean your Profound Mirror so you are able to have no flaws in it?
  4. In loving the people and governing the state, can you do it without using knowledge?
  5. When the Gates of Heaven open and close, can you become feminine?
  6. In clarifying all within the Four Directions, can you do it without using knowledge?