Shinto Shrines
& Popular Practices
Ise Shrine

Deductive vs. Inductive Reasoning
Religion: Belief, Practice, and Experience

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New Year’s Rituals
at Tsubaki Grand Shrine

Video: New Year Rituals of the Grand Tsubaki Shrine
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The Seven Gods of Good Fortune

Popular Traditions

Omikuji (fortune telling sticks)
Omikuji (fortune telling sticks)

Prayer Plaques
Ema (Prayer Plaques)

Omamori (amulets for good luck/protection)
Ofuda & Kamidana
Talismans for the Home Shrine
Ofuda (talismans)Kamidana (Shinto home shrine)Ofuda (talismans)
Butsudan (Buddhist family altar)

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Discuss the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning and then explain how inductive reasoning has influenced the relationship between Shinto, Buddhism, and the various “popular” traditions that they share.